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Not quite there yet...

TLDR: the generator component of this app works quite well. However the rest of the app is pretty rough around the edges. Problems: - ui is horrible - midi integration is terrible, painful to use - menu layouts is very poor, requires way too much tapping, doesn’t implement swipe controls - auditioning and changing built in instruments is painful Bottom line, until proper midi support is implemented and ui experience is fixed, do not buy.

Midi out rules

Really nice UI that works well on my iPhone and the new MIDI out means this is about to get a lot more use from me. Only thing I can think to improve is being able to change the order of the four note sequence windows. Thanks to the dev for continuing to add features to this very affordable generative tool.

❤️Fortamento ❤️

Bring over the native iPad Pro 12.9 resolution already. I export melodies and chord structure into Cubasis2 all the time. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!! LOVE this latest update with the ability to edit/recall saved projects!

Tried all the rest, this is the best!

I have found this app particularly helpful when I land in a “progression rut” or just need a nudge in a different direction. Super clean UI holding a rather flexible set of configurable parameters, making it by far the most customizable AND easy to use generative app I’ve come across. Could use a bit more of a instrument selection although I have grown fond of the pads. I probably haven’t done more than star and app in 2 years, but I feel compelled to shout out the dev for an awesome, well thought out and awesome tool. Thanx guise!

Almost Perfect

I really like this app, it’s a wonderful ‘on the go’ songwriting tool! Fingers crossed that it gets enough traffic to add additional time signatures. Overall highly recommended and hope it brings inspiration to fellow songwriters out there!


Great app with a really smart UI. But 4 “updates” would take it to the next level: 1) More than 4 base chords 2) Individually editable cells in the base chord progression. 3) Editable chord (cell) lengths in quarter or eighth bar increments - with simple plus and minus buttons 4) The ability to number and play our saved favorites in a sequence. Then to bounce this sequence down to a merged segment. These changes would truly knock it out the park.

Nice Aesthetics, Over Simplifed depends on you.

Nice, dark and readable, I wish the tempo adjustment and chord changes was adjustable on the playing page. Both are nested one button away in settings. Going to any preference screen with options is my threshold what I consider my break-in-my-flow feeling. So since I’m more organic with tempos I would naturally like it more accessible.

Great app

I am not a big reviewer even though I own lots of apps. This one is great and has given me lots of ideas for composition. I would ask more scales to work with but so far an amazing app. I don’t know any other that does the same thing like this one

Great Inspiration!

Wonderful idea generator with the ability to tweak your melodies and save them. I hope to give the app a 5 out of 5 when they add: 1) The ability to change the number of measures, and 2) The ability to modify the chords within the progression. Icing on the cake would be the ability to use folders in the saving directory, optimization for iPad resolution (including optional landscape mode), and the ability to queue multiple ideas in playback mode so that they play one after the other without having to press play at just the right time. Thanks for a splendid app!

Nice little app

Sounds good and is incredibly intuitive. A very promising app. I would gladly pay IAPs for additional features. Recommended!

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